Funny Farm BBQ
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Welcome to the Funny Farm!

We love our barbeque and know you will too... 

We are very proud of our team and all those who support us in our endeavors into the wacky, wild, wonderful, world of competitive Barbeque.

The 2013 season is over at long last.  It was a rough year - In June I was blessed by a visit from a Brown Recluse spider...the little sucker sure packed a punch. Needless to say, I was in really bad shape for most of the summer and had to back out of a couple contests and should have written off the rest of the year, but I struggled through. The Ugly Drum Smokers (UDS) worked great and we got at least one top ten call in each contest we entered and got at least one call in every category entered, so the year wasn't a total loss. We're now turning our sights to 2014 which we hope will be a great year....

-> Marc Matthews - Owner of Funny Farm BBQ & Pitmaster for the Funny Farm BBQ Team and

-> Jan Thompson-Matthews - co-owner of Funny Farm BBQ & Site
 manager & box builder 
extraordinaire for the Funny Farm BBQ team,

We plan to continuously up date these pages, especially the photo page, the videos page, and add links when new friends are made or new products or sites are found.  So please check back often.

We have decided to stop updating information on the Funny Farm BBQ Team on both Twitter and MySpace.  The sole updates on the Team over social networks will be on facebook.  Sorry to those on Twitter and MySpace, but time limitations (and to be honest, excitement from the shiny glow from these sites dimming) has caused us to reduce the number of information sites we maintain.  

Just click Funny Farm BBQ to go to the team group on facebook.

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