Funny Farm BBQ
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Welcome to the Funny Farm!

We love our barbeque and know you will too... 

We are very proud of our team and all those who support
us in our endeavors into the wacky, wild, wonderful, world
of competitive Barbeque.

We are looking forward to a truly reinvigorated 2016 

season. While we are not sure how many contests we are
looking to compete in, we are looking at doing at least six to as may as a dozen, but that will be a game day decision so to speak.

The 2015 season brought some great changes to the team.

First of all Todd Madison joined the team as a full time member! Todd and I have known each other since our college days at Kansas State University (EMAW) and we have been known for throwing back a few. While in the recent past I have been cooking solo and I was losing the drive for BBQ, Todd provided a motivational spark in addition to keeping me focused during the contests.

  Second, I joined Kookers Kare, a great volunteer organization that supports
  local food 
pantries. Please take a moment and check out their webpage or
  Facebook page to learn more about the organization.

Third, we changed our meat vendor. I had been using Restaurant Depot for the past too many years since I was always able to find the meats needed for the contests at a one stop shop close to work. However, my office was relocated to the suburbs which meant a longer drive just for the meats. During this time I met the owner of the local Price Chopper and he suggested I contact his butcher. Come to find out Keith supplies very high quality meats to numerous BBQ teams in the Kansas City area. So I took the plunge and am now one of the teams that not only uses Keith's Price Chopper KCCompetitionMeats, but would highly recommend Keith's products. Which leads me to the final change...

Fourth, we finished the year on an extremely high note finishing Eighth overall at the Paola Roots Fest followed by getting Reserve Grand Champion with an overall score above 700 at the Shawnee Great Grillers contest! Needless to say, finishing in the top ten at any contest is a great feat and for us to do it two contests in a row, well, we thought it was just epic. So hopefully in 2016, we can keep this pace up.

-> Marc Matthews - Owner of Funny Farm BBQ &
    Pitmaster for the Funny Farm BBQ Team.

-> Jan Thompson-Matthews - co-owner of Funny
    Farm BBQ & owner of J&M Farms...please visit
    her at the Olathe Farmers Market Saturday
    mornings at the Olathe Community Center.

We plan to continuously update these pages, so please check back often.

We have decided to stop updating information on the Funny Farm BBQ Team on both Twitter and MySpace.  The sole updates on the Team over social networks will be on facebook.  Sorry to those on Twitter and MySpace, but time limitations (and to be honest, excitement from the shiny glow from these sites dimming) has caused us to reduce the number of information sites we maintain.  

Just click Funny Farm BBQ to go to the team group on facebook.

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